How to Become Popular on TikTok

TikTok is a social media site where users use popular songs to make skits and lip-syncing videos. To become popular on TikTok you should follow these steps:

1- Emphasize a certain kind of music or video to appeal to a unique audience. One way to get noticed is to focus on a specific genre of music, like hip hop, jazz, or country. If you’re a particular fan of a specific type of music, use it often in your videos to get like-minded followers. Focusing on a specific style of video can be helpful as well. Comedic skits, perfect lip-syncs, and challenge-only users are all popular with their respective audiences.

  • You can focus on a specific style of video and genre of music while regularly making whatever you want. Having a focus doesn’t mean that you have to only make a certain kind of video, but it does help to build a following.
  • TikTok videos are between 15-60 seconds, but most videos aren’t longer than 20.

2- Focus on making awesome lip syncing videos if you’re good at it. Lip syncing is the foundation of TikTok, and most users make these kinds of videos. If you enjoy this traditional element of TikTok, make lip-syncing videos. Memorize 6-15 seconds of a song and try to match the lyrics perfectly with your mouth. You can mute your microphone and even sing it out loud if that makes it easier!

  • Lip syncing requires knowing the words to a song. Listen to a song multiple times before making your video so that you can memorize a portion of it.

3- Become a meme user by focusing on comedy videos. TikTok has its memes and comedic formats. From Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” to the surprised time traveler, there is no shortage of comedic material specific to TikTok. Follow comedic hashtags and look for popular meme users to get a jump on new jokes and build a following with that audience.

  • If you’ve got a knack for comedic timing and aren’t all that interested in lip-syncing, this is an excellent route to becoming popular on TikTok.

4- Select popular songs to hop on growing trends. Click the “Discover” tab to find popular trends. Watch the first 5-15 TikToks in the trending section at the beginning of every day to see if there are any new songs that users have latched on to. If there is a fresh trend relating to a new song, incorporate it into your daily video so that you show up when other users search that tag later in the day.

  • The songs that are popular on TikTok may not be the same songs playing on the radio.
  • In general, people react to things they recognize. If you can capitalize on a popular trend you can easily increase your number of followers.

5- Pick weird or unique songs once you’re established. Once you have a few hundred followers, you can attract new viewers by mixing it up. Once every 2-3 days, ignore the “popular music” and “trending” tabs and look through TikTok’s other musical categories to find something different. Choose a distinct song that will make you stand out when users are scrolling through feed to get more eyes on your videos.

  • Children’s music, like “Baby Shark,” can often make for some funny videos.
  • Use songs from popular soundtracks and recreate the scenes with your friends.

6- Make at least one video every day. The best way to stay relevant to TikTok and get new followers is to produce content every single day. The more videos that you make, the more likely you are to gain new followers. Once you’re regularly making videos, you’ll develop a following that regularly checks your videos out. If you can get your average viewer count up, you’ll be more visible to a greater number of new users!

  • Your videos don’t always have to be giant productions. It’s okay to stick to the simple sing-along videos if you don’t have any crazy ideas on a given day.

7- Dress up and use costumes whenever you have the time. If you’re wearing a costume or have a cool background in your video’s thumbnail, users are more likely to click your video. Dress up based on the theme of the song. You can match a song by wearing clothes that relate to it.

  • For example, a funny top hat and old tie could work with an old swing or ragtime song. You can also do the opposite, like dressing up in a Halloween costume while pretending to sing a very serious song to get a laugh.

8- Film in unique locations to create interesting videos. Most users record singalong videos in their bedroom or living room. There’s no reason that you can’t make a TikTok outside though. Try performing your song in public places to leverage other people’s reactions. Use unique set pieces when you’re traveling by recording in front of interesting landmarks.

  • If you’re allowed to use your phone at school, recording at lunch or recess can be an excellent time to incorporate your classmates in skits and videos.
  • You can easily change the look of your room by switching out the lightbulbs. Pick up some red or blue lights to give your room a different feel when you’re making videos.

9- Change the speed of the song and use filters for a comedic effect. Every once in a while, try mixing it up by changing the speed of the song or using a filter. Tap the + at the bottom of your screen before recording, add your song, then tap the “speed” button to change it. To add filters, press the + and click the filters icon to scroll through new additions.

  • New filters are always popular whenever they come out. Make sure that you experiment with new filters whenever they’re released.
  • Some users end up annoying their followers if they use filters or change the speed too frequently. Don’t do this every day or you’ll end up alienating your audience.

10- Dance whenever possible, even if you’re bad at it. TikTok users love dancing, and music is a prerequisite for the site, so you’re going to see a lot of it. Whether you’re making serious lip-syncing videos or goofy comedic skits, users respond to dancing. If you’re good at it, come up with your own routines for popular songs. If dancing isn’t your strongest quality, simply have fun and use goofy moves to draw your audience in.

  • A lot of popular challenges and hashtags use a specific dance. Study these moves and practice them by watching examples before completing them on your own.

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