Weird Food and Drinks Trends You Should Definitely Try

Orange Wine

Here's all you need to know about orange wine and its health ...

It seems that some old wine invention, dating back to 8,000 BC in Georgia (Eastern Europe), has already made its way into the hearts of hipsters. Orange wine is made of mashed up white grapes (not of actual oranges) and stored for four days to a year. The wine has a dry, intense flavor you’ll either love or hate, no middle ground, with a sour, fruity edge.

Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic

Ground coffee with sprinkles of medical mushrooms is apart of the new health craze all over the place.  Medical mushroom has come to be more available in the coffee industry and a little mushroom in your morning coffee is particularly better for those who are caffeine-sensible. The drink gives you enduring energy without the nuisance and tension, and anxiousness that accompanies regular coffee. It’s also a considerably healthier option generally and has demonstrated to improve people’s quotidian lives.

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

These couple of years seemed to be on an exciting health kick. Bee Pollen is looking to be the new and healthy supplement earning attention. The bee pollen includes flower pollen, bee secretions, wax, honey, nectar, and enzymes made by honeybees and stored for its hive. Bee pollen has a well-roundedness of health advantages. It’s packed with nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and decreases the chances of heart disease and more.

Cheese Tea

Cheese Tea

Yes, this is a thing, people. As odd as it sounds, Cheese Tea is a cold tea, topped with a foamy layer of cream cheese, milk, and a dash of salt. It originated from Taiwan and eventually became a China specialty. Surprisingly, the drink is sweet, with a pinch of savor and is well-received with those who try it. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover… or its ingredients.Advertisement

Avocado Toast

Avocados are a trend that looks to never go away. Ultimately, we love them and now Avocados Toast is the new fun, variation for Avocado-lovers looking to spice up their snacks. It’s ordinarily made on an open sandwich, layered with mashed avocados, and covered with various ingredients of your choice. Salt and pepper, olive oil, lime, cilantro, really anything at all—just try it.

Coffee Beer

Dark Matter Coffee

An excellent drink for happy hour. Both things we love, without having to choose between getting buzzed or getting energy.  Coffee Beer is spreading in popularity this year. Not only is it your two favorite things, but it’s also an unexpectedly fabulous combination. Today’s brewers are noticing booming demand for coffee beer, and soon the drink is presumed to be your favorite goto at the bar, or coffee shop.


Remarked as an excellent source for weight loss, Bulgur is a whole wheat grain derived from groat and is much like cereal. It has become a current trend now to include it in your daily diet, using it as substitutes for rice, soups, salads, cereal, stews, and more. Bulgur originates from the Middle East and is filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

We’re not talking about fruit arrangments. We’re talking real-deal flowers that can be plucked from your garden and are digestible, and are clearly becoming popular. Flowers are being fused into the vegetable intake and add color and unique flavors to your meal. Be aware, nevertheless, and do your research! Not all flowers are edible. Some are even downright poisonous.

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled Icecream

You’ve probably seen those aesthetically pleasing videos online of ice cream being rolled up. This blissful concoction (also known as stir-fry) arose from Southeast Asia and is bringing fresh, original flavors to your preferred dessert. Its basic components are milk, cream, and sugar, other ingredients can be also be added. From there, the liquid is poured on a frozen pan, chopped, spread, and rolled for indulging.

Seed Butter

Seed Butter is another healthy choice to add to your list. Also known as, Sunflower butter, the pasty substance is nut-free, has no added oil, and is full of healthy fats and iron. Seed Butter emerged in the 1980s as a peanut butter replacement for those with peanut allergies. Now it’s making a popular comeback for health enthusiasts.

Medicinal Food

Food Trends 2018

Food: it’s not just for eating anymore! Dishes that promote digestive health, increase mental stability, decrease your risk of cancer, and presumably burn belly fat have been predicted to take off. Foods that feature good bacteria – like Kombucha – have already started infiltrating our lives, so you can probably expect to see a lot more mushrooms/prebiotics/fermented things from now on.

Bleeding Meat Substitutes

Food Trends 2018

As more people start straying from red meat, plant-based proteins like veggie burgers are on the rise. BUT, because we’re garbage people, we can’t just serve a chickpea or beet burger and be done with it. What we want is fake-meat that has to be as real as possible, and includes bleeding like an animal. While it sounds pretty gross, food engineers like Beyond Meat have started growing plant proteins in labs just so that your morning veggie sausage is as life-like as humanly possible. I mean, there are other environmental factors to producing lab-based meat, presumably, but still.

Souping Will Replace Juicing

Food Trends 2018

There’s a new way to drink your nutrients, and it’s a bit more savory than your standard liquid diet. Yup, it has been predicted that the practice of souping (which, honestly, as a name sounds pretty silly) will replace juicing as a hot-new fad. They even have soups that come in bottles now, which boasts ready-to-drink vegan broths.

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